The Wake Up Test

So you think you are serious about achieving your goal. You say you want it more than anything. Really? Well can you pass the wake up test? If your goal is not the first thing on your mind upon waking from sleep each morning then something is not right. Are you really serious? Can you be doing more? Think about it!

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Put Motivating Quotes in Your Mental Toolbox

Favorite quotes are mini power tools for success and I guarantee all successful individuals carry around a mental bag full of them. Motivational, inspirational, contemplative and reflective, the quotes you keep in your arsenal for life’s challenges are critical to maintain your focus and persistence. One of my favorites is from Lou Holtz, former Notre Dame Head Football Coach:  “Don’t tell me how rocky the […]

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NFL Players and Emotional Control

If you are a Giant fan you are most likely amazed by Odell Beckham, Jr’s talent but very frustrated by his lack of discipline with his emotions. What does Mr. Beckham need to do? In the eyes of a football coach he really needs to start thinking like an offensive player and stop reacting like a defensive player. Simply put: Odell Beckham, Jr. thinks he can play wide receiver […]

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