tom-letsonI have 30 years experience providing anger management, personal wellness and addictions counseling to adults, teens and athletes. My style is directive and motivational and is a result of my combined experiences as a therapist and high school football coach. I have over 20 years coaching High School Football including 3 NFL players. I authored the book 4 Downs to Anger Control which uses football as a metaphor to accelerate the teaching and retention of anger management skills to specialized populations. Together we will develop your self-directed improvement plan. 4 Downs to Anger Control was the text used by the FIU Football Team as an educational tool following a game incident with the UM in 2006. The book has also been purchased by NFL teams and by the NJ Department of Corrections for inmate life skills education. I also have 20 years experience in school bullying prevention and hazing awareness. Visit my site for more information. My credentials include the following: NJ Licensed Professional Counselor; NJ Licensed Clinical Alcohol & Drug Counselor; Nationally Certified Counselor; Century Certified Anger Management Specialist. My Counseling Practice is located in Morganville, NJ. Call (732) 817-0103 for more information or visit the Markell Counseling Website.